Treatment Assistance

This is a service we offer that is 100% free of charge, and always will be. 

When someone is searching for “Rehabs near me” or “Addiction help for my son/daughter”. The results can be overwhelming and deceivingly convenient. What we mean by the latter, is, just because a treatment center is in your back yard, doesn’t mean that it is the “right fit” for you. This is where our assessment portion of the process comes into play. We have relationships with hundreds of treatment options throughout your region of the country to ensure that we can help you find the location that is #1 the right Clinical need, and #2: a location that is going to help you enjoy your Genesis of healing and show you the love that you deserve. Most times for up to 90 days, as we try our best to fulfill the “Full Continuum of Care” with MEDICAL DETOX, Residential in patient care, Partial Hospitalization Program, and Intensive Outpatient Programs with Sober Living. We know that you most likely didn’t get to “this place” in 28 days, and it is going to take longer than 28 days to get out of it. The longer a person can stay enmeshed in their own personal Genesis, Statistically, the better their chances are that they can stay sober for the long haul. We will take the guess work out of finding an appropriate fit for you or a loved one And help to match it to your insurance policy or budget, free of charge.

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