Family Coaching

We truly believe that recovery begins with the family, and that is why we focus so much on the education and family coaching component of the life long process. With family coaching we actually become one with your family team for up to several years, with the starting point time frame of 365 days! Family Coaching differs from a simple workshop in that we remain a part of your Family Team for the duration of your loved one’s recovery process. We are on call for you 24/7 to help you make- or not make those tough choices. It begins with our Taylor Made Six hour family workshop, in which ALL family members who can physically attend are encouraged to be present. We understand that times have changed, and if one’s physical presence is not possible then we can utilize the wonders of technology! Skype, Zoom, even FaceTime, or a conference call can be used to make sure that all family members reap the benefits of this most effective tool in family strengthening and unification against the throes of addiction. We have Skyped/FaceTimed family members in for the educational component from all corners of the Globe!  The family workshop is when we as a team come together as one, to really dive deep into what has gone on in our family history. We will talk about all sorts of things, from what addiction really is, to how we as a team can combat it, and see your special person to long term recovery. Each family situation is unique with it’s own set of circumstances so it is difficult to define what YOUR family day will look like, but some of the topics we generally discuss are: What is an addict? What is enabling? Denial? Emotional Hijacking? What are our goals? And how are we going to see this through? What are each of our roles going to be moving forward? What are each of our boundaries individually going to look like? And so much more. This is when the recovery really begins. Our National Outreach director, Herb Stepherson, NCFRC, TEDx Speaker, and Author of Junkbox Diaries~ a Day in the Life of a Heroin addict, coined the phrase: “If the family doesn’t change, the addict never will.” Now, that doesn’t mean that you and your family are doing anything “wrong”, it just means, that with the help of an experienced professional, we can help you make adjustments to do things differently. We can help reunify your family system and take charge to implement lasting changes and WIN your loved one back! 

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