Family Workshops

Our Taylor Made Six hour family workshop, in which ALL family members who can physically attend are encouraged to be present, is where the journey to long term recovery truly begins. To overcome anything, especially addiction/alcoholism, we first must really understand it. And this is why we say that “education is the ultimate crime fighter!” It is key that everyone who has witnessed the throes of addiction, and been effected by it, once and for all get on the same page and unite to regain control of a spiraling situation. We believe, from our own personal recoveries and experience in the field that overcoming addiction truly is a life or death matter. We take great pride and delight in being part of your families’ journeys to break the chains of addiction in your family system. So much swings on the families’ willingness to “roll up their sleeves and get their hands dirty one last time” to save the struggling person from them self. It is absolutely critical to have some form of family, or friendship involvement in the process of pulling someone back from the throes of addiction. This is why we put so much focus on family reunification; after all, that’s what we really desire, isn’t it? To have our loved one and our family back the way it was before, before the addiction or alcoholism took over? It truly takes a village, and we know that. So let’s get together and ask, and answer those tough questions to truly outline our plan to win your loved one back!

We understand that times have changed, and if one’s physical presence is not possible than we can utilize the wonders of technology! Skype, Zoom, even FaceTime, or a conference call can be used to make sure that all family member reap the benefits of this most effective tool in family strengthening and unification against the throes of addiction. We have Skyped/FaceTimed family members in for the educational component from all corners of the Globe!  The family workshop is when we as a team come together as one, to really dive deep into what has gone on in our family history. We will talk about all sorts of things, from what addiction really is, to how we as a team can combat it, and see your special person to long term recovery. Each family situation is unique with it’s own set of circumstances so it is difficult to define what YOUR family day will look like, but some of the topics we generally discuss are: What is an addict? What is enabling? Denial? Emotional Hyjacking? What are our goals? And how are we going to see this through? What are each of our roles going to be moving forward? What are each of our boundaries individually going to look like? And so much more. This is when the recovery really begins. Our National Outreach director, Herb Stepherson, NCFRC, TEDx Speaker, and Author of Junkbox Diaries~ a Day in the Life of a Heroin addict, coined the phrase: “If the family doesn’t change, the addict never will.” Now, that doesn’t mean that you and your family are doing anything “wrong”, it just means, that with the help of an experienced professional, we can help you make adjustments to do things differently. We can help reunify your family system and take charge to implement lasting changes and WIN your loved one back! 

The Family Workshop basics:

No group is too large or too small, but the basic rule of thumb here is that we want quality over quantity- yes, a large number of people showing solidarity and support would be great, but our aim is to unify the CORE INTIMATE relationships. Those are the ones that have been hurt the most, and those are the people we want in the room. We need the family, relational resources all together, because they’re the ones the addict is going to depend on moving forward, and this is how we stop enabling and “fill the cracks in the Dam.” Enabling is SO MUCH MORE than just a place to stay, or giving someone money, and we will spend a lot of time on this topic in general.

Please try to clear roughly 6 full hours for your workshop and be ready to learn about your roles in the past and moving forward. This is a critical component in the recovery process, for this is where we will learn to set safe recovery conducive boundaries, end enabling, and learn about the various forms of denial, Hyjacking, etc.. and how to overcome them to end the grip of addiction in our daily lives.

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