Sober Escort

A sober escort, also known as a sober companion is a way to ensure that your loved one or yourself is able to safely travel to and from the Addiction Treatment Center of your choosing. When you enlist the help of an escort, we can and often do assist with: Packing clothing and hygiene (as we know what an individual will need for a comfortable stay), assistance navigating Air Line web sites, though the burden of payment must always fall on the family, per executive order. Often times, an addict/alcoholic may need one last “nudge” to actually leave the home and head to treatment, utilizing a sober companion is a useful and effective way to provide that last minute push; when the time comes, it can be  very daunting and scary for the afflicted person to actually take that first step. Once we have your person or yourself packed and in the awaiting vehicle, we will then travel with them door-to-door, from your home to the addiction treatment center, no matter where in the state or country that it is. We can help with first time flyers, and make navigating airports and long drives to centers smooth and peaceful so that the family can rest and have some peace knowing that they’re being safely taken to a place of new life.  

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