Our Process

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with the very first step”

From the moment you contact Genesis of Recovery, we begin working on your particular needs. Think of our initial contact as an “Emotional/Spiritual Emergency room or Triage.” You need someone who understands where you are and what you’re going through. And we do. So, what’s the process? How does this whole thing work?

During our initial contact, which can span as much time as an hour+, this is when we are getting to know you and your person. We will give you as much or as little time as you need here, this is critical to you, so it is critical to us. And it begins with our over the phone assessment. Not everyone is in need of our services all the time, and we Promise to you, that we will never push you to do something that you’re not ready for. We are not salesmen, and we hold ourselves to the highest integrity. We may not be the right fit for you, and if that is the case, then we will gladly offer some referrals for you to help you find someone that you connect with. We want you to get the help you need, even if it isn’t with us.

Our assessment portion of the process is our fact finding and information mining time to really get to understand what it is that you have been dealing with. *WE PROUDLY boast that we utilize the highest of Gold Standards when it comes to the assessment phase of our process: The ASAM(American Society of Addiction Medicine) Guidelines. We offer full and complete Bio/Psycho/Social intakes and assessments to truly get to know the real you, deep down inside. We long to be able to connect with you enough to guide you in the right directions! This is when we really start to paint a vivid picture of what you or your person has been dealing with. So many times, families reach out to us and say, “My (Son/Daughter) has a drug problem.” at which time, we often find ourselves replying, “No, they do not. They THINK they have found a drug SOLUTION.”

Addiction typically stems from something underlying that we’re attempting to mask. Insecurities, fear, pain, etc. It involves self medication, or escape from something uncomfortable. Trauma, mental health issues, etc. And it is very important that we get to know these types of hot buttons so that we can communicate with the appropriate centers and interventionists. so that we can make sure that these issues do not get swept under the rug.

Once we have connected and identified the appropriate measures to take after the assessment, We will then start planning our next steps of action.

Is there an intervention need? Is the struggling person willing to enter a treatment center? Is sober coaching an option? What is the breadth and depth of the addiction and how are we going to pull them out of it? Is family coaching appropriate? Is this person a good fit for outpatient? It is very important to us to really feel like we have gotten to know your special person, both who they used to be, what happened and who they are now. The better we know you and your person, the more authentically helpful we can be. Does your person, or yourself like to ski? Do they like music? Art? Poetry? Horses? These are just a few little sample notes that we will take along the way. This is not JUST about helping someone get “Sober”. The still struggling alcoholic gets sober every day, and then they drink again. This is about getting someone immersed into the CULTURE of recovery, and helping them find the passions that they lost along the way. Herb calls it “Purpose driven recovery”. And it helps if we can do that in an environment that can show you how to have fun sober and show you that recovery is COOL! Of course, coupled with the best clinical aid and therapy that we can muster. We truly believe in the Holistic approach, treating the whole person, Mind, body, and spirit, and having fun while doing it! We don’t get sober to stay miserable now do we? OF COURSE NOT!

Once we have an accurate assessment and picture of each individual situation respectably, we then start piecing the next phases together based on your individual need. Now it may sound like this may take some time, but we have been doing this, and only this for so long now, that it is like second nature to us. We can help you build a plan that speaks to you and yours within just a few hours. We will match your motivation and energy every step of the way! If you’re on fire for this, so are we! Every time we help someone find recovery, you are helping US stay clean for one more day! We can Help you line up a treatment center by cross referencing your insurance policy, free of charge, with some of the most reputable centers across the country. And we can have you or your person admitted the same day! We have immediate bed availability and all of our centers admit 24/7/365! There are no barriers to recovery anymore, regardless of your situation!

Are you in need of help today?